Feb 11, 2010

youtube craze

Hello everyone! sorry i wasnt able to upload any posts/pictures/videos! ive been extremely busy with school & finals. now that i am done with all the school work, i am planning on starting blogs again! seeing the success of all the bloggers internationally, i couldn't help but join the craze. I also created a youtube account where i will upload all my videos! i can't wait!


connect with me!

Dec 27, 2009

size and moderation

merry christmas too all! and have a happy new years! as the year will start all over again, i realized i need to start uploading picks of my projects! and also pics that inspires me. i got into FIDM in L.A. campus so hopefully that will help me out. hopefully in the long run i'll make it to PARSONS or CENTRAL ST. MARTIN ♥ .

my next DIY

I going to lie in my deathbed with some pair of CHANELs

Sep 19, 2009

lifes a bust

with the economy so bad, its almost impossible to go shopping at malls. so what do i do? i make! i sew! i construct! but i'm a beginner so im horrendous! so i guess i'll just stare at pictures of runways of w/e :)..